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  • Soft Teeth

    Brushing teethWe had a new family in for hygiene appointments today. The mother and her two kids are great people, but sadly the three of them presented with a boatload of cavities. After breaking the news to Mom, I cringed when she explained that it was hopeless because soft teeth just ran in the family. I couldn’t help but notice that the 9 year old boy left his Mountain Dew in the reception room, his 3 year old sister carried a juice-filled Sippy cup wherever she went, and Mom set her Mocha Frappuccino cup on the hygiene counter. I surmised that I wouldn’t need to order any fancy genetic testing to determine the causes of the soft tooth syndrome here.

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Everyone has always been friendly and professional in all my care over the years. Greene & Miller Dentistry are great family dentists!

M.J.P. - April 21, 2013

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