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Finally! I have been promising my staff, my web and social media folks, my business partner, my wife and my kids that I would start a dental blog. Now, after several years of “its coming soon!”, I have run out of excuses and am about to embark on this mission of mercy. Mercy because I have spent many a wasted lunch hour reading various dental blogs that are overly-sanitized, homogenized, and often more about marketing than sharing useful information. I hope to spare you all from death by dental boredom, and will try to discuss some of the real truths about what dental health and care is all about.

I don’t have all the answers nor all the inside info, but I have been at this long enough to figure out a thing or two.

My plan is to ladle this out in roughly monthly blog articles, and we (meaning I and people who are much more IT savvy than I) will cross-post these mini-essays on our social media outlets. I will try to avoid making them read as if they were approved by some high-priced marketing and legal teams; instead I will dish out just the real scoop on mostly dental stuff as I see it. For a dental blog, at least, it might be fun, so hang on and stay tuned!

happy patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller for years and truly appreciate the caring, professional atmosphere that he and every member of his practice project. They not only care about me as a patient, they care about me as a person as well!

J.S. - April 5, 2013

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