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Years ago, my wife worked in computer software. She was mostly in the development end, but interacted regularly with those in the sales force.  She would sometimes comment about what they in development called vaporware. That was their term for software that was promoted and sold by sales people under the gun to sell, that wasn't quite ready yet. Sometimes it was not even written yet, just a great idea software. That would invariably lead to the software programmers and development analysts pulling all-nighters to develop, test, and debug to meet some impossible deadline, all the while cursing at the sales force.  At the end of the day they all were friends, but it could get testy at times.

It happened with dental software too

Over the years, I've seen many examples of dental vaporware. Each offering of the latest and greatest dental software would promote ever-more features promised to make our dental lives easier, more productive, and full of newfound free time. As we tried a couple, I wondered if anyone had tried to use the darn stuff.  It invariably never worked like the bullet-point laden ads claimed.  Many of these vendors came and went over the years, leaving the purchasers with no support and no upgrades. Some of these early small companies were bought out by more successful ones, and these were bought out by bigger fish.  Today, there are fewer vendors involved, and they are larger and generally more stable.

Almost paperless and saving trees

Our office has had some tough learning curves to follow in the world of dental software, but I feel that overall it has been beneficial. It's not quite like the glossy ads yet, but better than the early days of vaporware. We like to point out that our office is almost paperless, and boast that we're protecting our world's forests as a result.  Hmm, just don't glance into my private office.  Between you and me it's usually covered in post-it notes.  So bear with us as we old dogs digitize, and be assured that when you come in for appointments, you'll still see real flesh and blood people to care for you and your family.

happy patients

I started coming to Dr. Miller in the late 1980s after not going to a dental office for 4 years. It was difficult going back after such a long time. The staff all were so professional and trusting that they put me at ease.

Over the years I have had a number of elective procedures done. All have worked out so well. I am thankful for Dr. Miller's honest evaluation of what needs to be done now and what we can wait to do.

A job change took me away from the Syracuse area, but I thought so highly of the practice that I am still a patient to this day.

Quality dental work you can trust is worth it!

J.M. - April 14, 2013

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