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SpringFlowersAfter some spitting and sputtering, Spring finally seems ready to spring upon us.  As the snow has retreated and the warming rains have moved in, the perennial season of mud is now arriving.

I was sitting here thinking back to the many years of battling the Spring mud on the organic farm my family ran as our kids were growing up.  Many of you knew of our farm adventures and often asked about how our critters and crops were doing down in the Pompey hills.

Since I haven’t gotten around to finishing the next dental blog article, and since I am instead daydreaming about our past family farm days, I thought I’d share one of the old farm newsletter articles I wrote quite a few years back.  Its more than a little off-topic for a dental blog, but I beg your indulgence, and hope you enjoy this little farm story.




cow3One of our critters on the Three Sisters Farm

At first I was annoyed that mud had splashed up the sides of my boots.

Then I was thoroughly disgusted when Mother Earth attempted to wrestle the boots off my feet. Hopping on one boot while trying to retrieve the other, I fell backwards into the black goo. I not-so-silently cursed the smell, the wet cold, the dirty clothes, the MUD!

That was yesterday; today I’m in a better mood. It’s a wee bit warmer and the sun has blessed the day with a few winks. On the way to the barn, I hear the honking of geese overhead and see a pair of robins in the back yard. The rich smells of wet grass and earth fill the damp air. I see the muddy pasture where I struggled yesterday, and notice today how black and rich the soil is. I grudgingly concede that from this mud and from this season will spring up new life. Grasses and clovers and dandelions will push up to form a new sward. On that green bed calves will be born, and mother cows will give soft gentle moos they reserve for their newborn. But today I must put up with mud.

As I finish up chores, I see our three daughters exit the school bus, laden with backpacks, and stroll toward home. They’ll soon tell me that school was boooring, they don’t want to do their homework, and will argue over who used their hairbrush. They will also give me big smiles, hold hands during grace at supper, and remind me to take Julie out to dinner soon.

Like mud season, our kids annoy and inconvenience me at times. But like Spring, they also bring me warmth, hope, and new life full of possibility. I need to enjoy this season of their lives for it is so fleeting.

This mud, this Spring, this family are truly gifts to me from God. May you rejoice in His gifts to you as well.

Mike, Three Sisters Farm
Spring 2006 Newsletter

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