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Great American Smokeout badgeI just read a notice in my email list from the American Dental Association about the dangers of tobacco products for dental health (and overall health as well). I thought I’d pass along some of their information and a few great resources for basic information and to help those who need to quit.

tweed ivy capThe last time I saw Grant, he wore a tweed ivy cap...I first met “Grant” as a fellow member of a local service club. A few months later, Dr. Greene and I opened our new dental office here in Fayetteville, and Grant soon came in as a new patient. Our initial conversation in the office regarding his treatment needs included his questioning how much to have done to attempt to save his teeth since he was now 76. I explained that he was still in great health, and even at 76 he may need those teeth for quite a few years yet. He finally agreed, and I worked with Grant to provide the dentistry he needed to keep his teeth going strong.

Floss - We still recommend you floss every dayYou are probably aware that last week the latest dietary guidelines issued by the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services quietly and without notice dropped any mention of flossing. At the same time, The Associated Press reported that officials had never researched the effectiveness of regular flossing, as required, before cajoling Americans to do it.

Chances are you don’t read anything printed by the Department of Agriculture, but you may watch The Today Show and all of the other “light news” outlets that seem to delight in reporting the story. After all – everyone would prefer to not have to floss anyways.

This is just what I need – one more reason to get people not to floss!

A close look shows they are not saying flossing is not effective; just that there have never been any really good studies on the subject. But although this is anecdotal – as dental professionals we see first-hand the benefits of flossing every single day!

Greene & Miller Dentistry staff attending a dental conference at the OncenterDrs. Greene and Miller with their staff attending a dental conference at the Oncenter last week.

This past Friday, our entire office staff attended a day-long dental conference held at the Oncenter Conference Center. We had a great day filled with learning as well as reconnecting with our area colleagues in dentistry.

Older woman with dry mouthWhether you call it spit, spittle, dribble or drool, saliva is something we take for granted until it starts to go away. But before I get into the ins and out of dry mouth, I want to discuss a little about what saliva is.

What is saliva?

In terms of composition, it is a fluid secreted by large and small salivary glands in different areas of the mouth. It is predominantly water, but also is composed of electrolytes, mucus (mucopolysaccharides and glycoproteins), antibacterial compounds, epidermal growth factor, many types of enzymes with different functions, the analgesic Opiorphin, and Haptocorrin (which helps with the absorption of Vitamin B12) and other components as well.

happy patients

Everyone has always been friendly and professional in all my care over the years. Greene & Miller Dentistry are great family dentists!

M.J.P. - April 21, 2013

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