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Precision Esthetic Crowns and Bridges

When your treatment needs or wishes call for crowns, veneers, or tooth replacement, we strive to provide restorations that offer precise fit and artistic esthetics. 

The engineering side of our personalities takes pleasure in precision work to optimize the longevity and decay-resistance of your restoration, and to preserve the surrounding gum health.

Our artist side takes pleasure in producing restorations that look like natural teeth, that blend with and complement your surrounding teeth and smile.

By incorporating some of the best techniques and instruments in our office and by partnering with the finest dental laboratory professionals in the nation, we are able to offer this high level of care.

Dr. Miller performing a dental procedure; some of the tools of our trade

happy patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller for 20 years now. I would highly recommend Dr. Greene and Dr. Miller's office to anyone that's in need of a dental office. Whether I'm getting my teeth cleaned or a tooth fixed I feel I have had very good service with little discomfort. The staff is friendly and efficient and always make me feel at ease. So if you need a new dentist give them a call.

L.B. - May 1, 2013

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